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JDY Intake Manifold For Audi RS3/TTRS 2.5TFSI DAZA/DNWA

JDY Intake Manifold For Audi RS3/TTRS 2.5TFSI DAZA/DNWA

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Direct Injection Option

The JDY intake manifold for Audi RS3/TTRS is a high-performance upgrade product designed to improve engine performance and engine efficiency. It features a significantly increased total internal volume of 5959ml, which is approximately 52% greater than the original factory manifold.

The manifold has been designed using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations, ensuring the optimal airflow and reducing structural drag to the minimum. The design includes a specific firing sequence of 1-2-4-5-3 to simulate the working condition of the engien, so to maximizes airflow and enhances engine performance.

The manifold kit has an option of direct injection delete  runner with fuel rail, designed for higher fuel flow and knock reduction. The DI delete kit includes a high-pressure oil pump block off cap, injector block off nozzle.the fuel ports in the runners and on the fuel rail are designed to fit with stock port injectors, injector dynamics injectors, Fuel Injection Clinics injectors, and Bosch injectors.

The kit includes a special heat-resistant flange/gasket, which is added to the mounting surface between the manifold and cylinder head to minimize heat transmission to the intake manifold and maintain the desired intake air temperature.

The manifold includes a burst panel, which is designed to save the intake manifold or engine in the event of an engine backfire. These panels release excessive pressure in the event of a backfire, which would otherwise be encased in the manifold. Backfires can cause material fatigue or complete destruction of the manifold and engine, so the use of burst panels is essential.

The fuel rail is sized at AN 10, ensuring maximum fuel flow with three AN 10 ports. Multiple plumbing methods can be adopted.

The runner flaps have been deleted to maximize intake airflow and reduce drag, for optimal ec efficiency.

For strength and durability considerations, the thread in the manifold (plenum) has been upgraded to a stainless steel threaded sleeve structure, together with upgraded Titanium M8 bolts (M6 stainless from the factory) for connecting the runner and plenum to ensure better durability and performance.

In addition, a vacuum port is reserved for a vacuum source, with a 1/8 NPT to 6mm fitting included in the package. If the port is not used, a block-off nut is included.

Each runner has five premade water-methanol injection ports for direct port injection, with a size of 1/8NPT that would suit most WMI market nozzles. If WMI is not used, five block-off nuts are also provided.

Finally, the JDY intake manifold is made from billet aluminum using fully CNC machined parts, finished with hard surface anodizing to prevent oxidation from daily use.

In summary, the JDY Audi re3/TTRS intake manifold is a high-performance upgrade product designed to improve engine performance and engine efficiency through increased airflow, optimized fuel injection, and durability enhancements.

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